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The New New Bench

A picture of a workbench with a lathe and a coffee cup on it.

Those of you following along may have noticed that as part of my garage reorganization project I’ve added a nifty built in workbench as part of the design. The only problem was that before I could even finish the edge banding I had managed to fill the bench with junk, leaving me again with no place to work. My solution was to hang a two foot by four foot handy panel off the end of the new bench and call it an extension wing.

This proved to be not such a good adea after attempting to actually use it. So, inspired by this video, I decided to build another workbench. So I would have room to finish the first bench. You know how it is…

On the Bench

A picture of a workbench with tools on it, as well as a pair of newly created finishing stands and a jig for ripping sandpaper sheets based on a design by Tim Yoder

I managed to get out into the shop for a bit this morning and knocked out a couple of infrastructure projects. In front of the hammer are a couple of finishing stands made from scrap 2x. They’re similar in spirit to the low Japanese saw horses show on the Lumberjocks blog. Front and center is my take on the sandpaper cutter inspired by this one that Tim Yoder made. I thought that I would get fancy and actually carve the measuring lines on the board and discovered, somewhat unsurprisingly, that I suck at carving. I’ll just clean those up with a v cutter in the router and a straight edge….

… And Now, Some Links

I stumbled across this video on YouTube this afternoon. These are pretty cool folding sawhorses.

Shop Dog Folding Saw Horses

Here is a neat idea for a table with a built in beverage cooler. I may have to borrow some ideas from this design.

DIY Patio Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers

How about a beautiful painted dressing table? Dorset Custom Furniture – A Painted Dressing Table

or a much less traditional desk from Slate. Slate Tech Desk

Finally, to escape the horizontal, here is a photo documentary of one person putting The Seven Samurai on his dining room wall. Seven Stenciled Samurai

Drop Spindle Test Run

For those who have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, I’ve been cleaning up the garage and moving stuff out of storage and back to our house. I managed to dig out my Delta Midi Lathe and spin up a test drop spindle. Hopefully this will be number 1 of many.

Magnetic Marker Holder

An ugly cover plate Take one ugly landline cover plate…

An ugly cover plate with magnets on it Stick some rare earth magnets on it…

A pretty place for whiteboard markers Stick a pretty cocoa tin to the magnets and have a place for whiteboard markers. If you don’t happen to have a metal cover plate just where you need it, you could also just hot glue the magnets to the wall.

Quick Image Links With Text Expander

Here is another snippet that leverages TextExpander’s ability to run shell scripts. To use it, select the images you want to link to in Finder or Path Finder, copy, and then trigger your snippet. file = "/img/" + path.split("/").last is in the script because Pathfinder puts the whole path name on the pasteboard rather than just the file name. As always, remember to set the contents of the TextExpander snippet to “Run Shell Script”.

 #!/usr/bin/env ruby

  pasteboard = `#{"pbpaste"}`.downcase.split("\n")

  pasteboard.each  { |path|
      file = "/img/" + path.split("/").last
      puts "<a href=\"#{file}\" title=\" \"><img src=\"#{file}\" alt=\" \"></a>"

A Ruby script that parses pasteboard information into image links