Keys - Inspiration

"Keys are on the fish." This has been the mantra aound my place for...umm...a long time. Anyway, I'm on a tear in the house lately to improve its coolness level and I really believe that it's the details that make or break the functionality and balance of the space.

My building was built in the 50's at accomodate workers at the (formerly) nearby CP rail yards and the industries that sprang up nearby. This is really aparent in the cabinetry that's in the kitchen. It's all original, non-modular in design and simply glorious.

At the turn of the year I took down my Howard Fogg classic trains calendar which had hung in that space and stuck the fish there because I'm using the back door a lot more than last year.


The fish, however, didn't fit with the sense of decor that I've evolved since I moved into my apartment and so...what? Stop laughing, I'm serious. I HAVE TASTE DAMNIT. Ok, the real reason that I want a different system is that the fish moves and that just bugs the crap out of me. I kinda like the kitschey aesthetic of it, but the wobbliness makes me crazy. Also, there is no good place to put my sunglasses if I happen to have them on my head instead of in my purse.

Time to run to the Internet for some inspiration. The maker/woodworker community is strong on YouTube so I was sure I would find something potentially cool.

First on the list was this video by Eric Lindberg. I like the modern look to it and the relative simplicity of the build. It's basically two boards nailed together and stuck on the wall. I'm totally stealing the idea for using rare earth magnets in lieu of hooks, because magnets!

Hey this is a serious design blog. Get that guy outta here.

A few videos and thinking about the nature of shelves in general lead me to this build, and epic floating shelf. I love the idea, so lets scale it down a bit, shall we? Stay tuned for part 2 where we design and build the thing.