...and we have a strike looming.

It kinda figures, I suppose. I was just getting a handle on my schedule and productivity when OPSEU decided that this would be a great time to go on strike. I'm not going to get into my opinions on the labour issues at play, other than to say that I think OPSEU has a point. I will, however, say that I'm planning on using the time of the labour action to do a deep dive into some other projects once my school work is caught up. I have a couple of small design ideas that I want to explore (and figure out how to publish here) as well as a couple of photography expeditions. There are a couple of online courses in software that is tangentially relevant to my program but not covered in the program itself. Finally, we're getting in to indoor cooking season. It's been a while since I've done any baking, so this will be on the table as well.

I hope the issues are resolved quickly, but a wee vacation won't be so bad.